KCDC Conversation II

Connectivity . Opportunity

First, I appreciate the opportunity for a second conversation. Thank you. My fundamental understanding of the role of Policy & Strategic Partnerships Director has been distilled to this: Create and enhance connectivity to expand opportunities for the families that KCDC serves.
By applying high-level strategic thinking, operational persistence, and excellence in communication across all stakeholders, my vision for this role would be to pursue the development of communities that promote resilience and empowerment, while supporting any and all efforts that create a stronger KCDC for internal and external constituents.
I share several thoughts below to provide insight into how I’m thinking about this application process and potential next steps. And while I may not have all the answers, I am good at seeking common ground, organizing coalitions, and getting things done.

– Jason

Service as Workforce and
Community Development

Volunteerism and National Service are tools for workforce development and community empowerment.
I would propose to develop systems to engage residents of KCDC housing as participants AND beneficiaries of volunteer and national service opportunities with support services delivered on-site to eliminate barriers to access.

Themes to address:
Economic Opportunity, Workforce Development, Education, Transportation, Etc.

Transformative Placemaking

Assure public housing spaces promote people’s health, happiness, and wellbeing. I am a proponent of mixed-use development as a means of creating more sustainable and equitable communities with better access to resources that create wealth and opportunity. Beyond development, I also believe resident engagement is critical to transforming any community. This means connecting residents to services that meet physiological and safety needs, but also resources that allow them to achieve more than “getting by.” I believe this is essential to creating durable pipelines of economic mobility and creating spaces that empower.

Data Driven Relationship Management

In order to, first, understand, and then, second, take action on a community problem, you need to know what pieces are in play. By utilizing a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system to index, qualify, and connect relationships, this will create a better sense of transparency regarding process and approach to addressing a broad range of objectives through partnership development.

As Assistant Town Manager for the Town of Farragut, I have had the opportunity to work with Jason for several years. During his tenure Jason has professionally managed several programs and projects; all with successuful results and great accolades for the Town. When Jason oversees any initiative I am confident it will be handled professionally with no supervision needed. I often consult Jason on my own projects/programs/initiatives because I respect his opinion and innovative insight. Jason’s range of abilities spans the entire local government spectrum. Jason would be an asset to any organization and successful in any role be it a program manager or supervisor. While I am glad he is a part of my team it is my pleasure to recommend him for any position.

— Gary Palmer
City Administrator, Roswell Georgia

More references available upon request.

– Barbara Kelly,
Executive Director
Knoxville-Knox County CAC

– Sue Campbell,
Management Services Director
Knoxville-Knox County CAC

– Ariel Allen,
Site Coordinator
Knox Education Foundation

– Darryl Smith,
Town Engineer
Town of Farragut, TN