Rainy Day Brush-Off

422436_321160404599551_1464547533_nA program of the Water Quality Form, The Rainy Day Brush-Off was an artistic rain barrel program that operated between 2008-2012 and I had the opportunity to participate in between 2009-2012.  This program involved the efforts of representatives of the City of Knoxville, Knox County, Town of Farragut and the Water Quality Forum.  For the 2009 and 2010 events, in addition to helping facilitate the program, I also created two artistic rain barrels based on themes of repetition, symbiosis, and existentialism.

In 2012 Parci Gibson (Knox County), John Shubzda (City of Knoxville) and myself gave an internationally attended presentation titled “The Rainy Day Brush Off: Initiating a Successful Public Outreach Campaign” facilitated by the EPA.

1917972_1027552948745_7865791_nThe results of the Rainy Day Brush-Off Artistic Rain Barrel Competition included the distribution of over 2,500 rain barrels in the Knox County area while engaging local artists in the creation of over 115 unique artistic rain barrels.  At 55 gallons each, this resulted in an increase of an estimated 137,500 gallons of harvesting capacity in the community reducing runoff and improving water quality.